December 3, 2022
P.O. Box 802, Levittown, PA 19058
Phone: 267-573-9697


Why you should join:

    • Because you are a Jewish Veteran
    • Continue a proud tradition of Jewish-American patriots
    • Affirm Jewish military service to our country for over 200 years
    • Ensure that our returning veterans and all who came before them receive the benefits and care which they have earned
    • Help poor and homeless veterans to assume their rightful place in our community
    • Fight anti-Semitism at home and abroad


  • Please use the form at left to apply for membership to JWV Post #697. We’ll review your application and contact you about attending a meeting of the Post. At that time, you can pay your Post dues of $39. By filling out the form below, you certify that you are a citizen of the United States and of Jewish faith, that your service in the Armed Forces was honorable, that you have never been discharged from Military Service under dishonorable conditions, and that you are not a member of any organization that believes in or advocates bigotry or the overthrow of the U.S. government.
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